Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leah Francis Park Bench Strip

Leah Francis

Born in Southampton in 1987, Leah Francis first knew that she was perfect for Nuts when she looked around on her last day of school and realised how big her brilliant 32E boobs were compared to all the other girls. Leah left her days of opera singing behind her and began her career improving the lives of Nuts readers everywhere with her naked pictures and sexy videos.
Leah is never afraid to take off her clothes and she's well known for flashing in public especially when the other Nuts girls are around. She even ended up topless when she was in a car crash with Emnma Frain when both their boobs popped out from the impact.
The 5'9 beauty is now one of our favourite topless blondes who told us that the secret to her great boobs is rubbing moisturiser into them every day - some hands have all the luck


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