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Jessica Burciaga posing naked in the jungle

Jessica Burciaga posing naked in the jungle

From her site:

"I was born Jessica Irene Burciaga on April 11th 1983. I was 7 pounds 8 ounces. I was born and raised in southern california. I have two younger brothers (Blake & Duke) that mean the world to me and would do anything and everything for them. I'm very big on family and extremely close to them. My brothers are my best friends. My grandma....where do I start I could talk to her all day and night and i never want to leave her house, she's always there for me, weather it's boyfriend problems, advice on life or just girl talk, she also makes the best mexican food and salsa! I love her so much. My dad (Ty) has the biggest heart of anyone I know, I love him so much and my step-dad (Mike) has always been there for me and treated me like his own and gave me everything growing up. My mom's name is Lisa and she's one of the coolest people i know if you want it straight and to the point ask my mom a question...ha! it might not be what you want to here but she wont sugar coat anything. I think I get most of my personality from my mom. She loves me unconditionally and always wants to protect me from everything. I can't tell you how many times my mom came down to the school to yell at all the girls that tried to beat me up after class or that were just jealous girls that hated me for no reason. She almost fought this Senior girl in high school cause my mom said that girl was 18 so she was an adult now :) That girl never looked at me again! When it comes to her daughter everyone better watch out cause she don't fuck around! haha! Were more alike than i'd like to admit. I'm a very blunt person and will never put up a front... I always say what's on my mind and yell when i want, cry when i'm hurt, laugh when i'm happy and dance around the house daily!

I'm not hard to please at all the simple things in life make me happy and i'm far from materialistic and love to shop at Swap Meets more than the mall. All I need to make me happy is a barbecue at my aunt and uncles house, carne asada on the grill, a corona in my hand, hearing my little cousins running around the house,watching the Laker game, my aunt making martinis, all the girls talking in the kitchen and my brother and cousins playing drums and making music in the garage...and all this at once. It's the best and I love it!

At night I enjoy a glass of wine and a bubble bath and I have to take one every night before I go to sleep. I love to sleep and hate to wake up before noon and rather order in take-out than go to a restaurant

Lets see...as long as I can remember I've always been a little trouble maker in school and a bit boy crazy! Even in kindergarten I remember the boys running away from me when i would chase them around the sand box...ha! (they're not running anymore!) I was always an outgoing girl in school and far from shy. Very talkative and funny. My letters from the teachers in elementary school use to go something like this...."Jessica is a pleasure to have in class, she brightens our day and always has her homework on time but she talks to her classmates way too much, she's boy crazy and disrupts the class reading time"

In high school I got sent to the principals office daily for violating the stupid dress code! haha! i think they made up a new dress code policy just for me! Everything from showing too much cleavage and (distracting the boys as they put it) to my ripped jeans below my butt cheeks, skirts too short and tops that showed too much tummy... I had my belly pierced in high school and I wanted to show it, they couldn't stop me :)

Something about me though that has never changed and will never change is two things.... My desire to be in front of the camera and putting my family first in everything that I do in my life. Their opinions and thoughts mean everything to me. I would never do anything my family was against. They've always backed me up in my life and have been very supportive.

Since the 6th grade I knew i wanted to do something in the lime light. One day before school in the 6th grade a show called "Good Day LA" came on! When I first saw Jillian Barbarie I thought to myself "that's what i want to do!" So after high school I tried getting into modeling first or tv but nothing really big happened for me ... a couple extra parts in "buffy the vampire slayer" and "Charmed" and music video stuff that I promised myself I would never do again. That was the worst! But we have to start somewhere i guess...My dream was to be in MAXIM or Stuff or FHM not some cheesy music video. I wanted people to know my face not see me in the background somewhere.

So anyway I enrolled in jr. college and got a job at Hooters in Anaheim CA. I also attended a sports broadcasting school in Huntington Beach CA. I met a photographer that wanted to shoot me for like a year but it was hard for me to trust anyone, but he took some friends pictures from Hooters and all there pics were pretty good so a year later i decided i would let him shoot me. I was so nervous because for one I was taking pictures at the beach with a photographer I didn't know, I never modeled in my life, nor was I comfortable in a little bikini and i didn't think i knew how to pose and I was 20 years old. The photographer got upset with me cause i didn't want to wear a thong and do real sexy poses so he mailed me the cd with my pics on it and said he never wanted to shoot me again and that i wasted is time and film, I felt horrible. The cd collected dust on my dresser for 7 months until my brother told me about this article in STUFF MAGAZINE. It said "If you think you have what it takes to be a Stuff Model send your pics here. My brother said they would definitely call me back and helped me pick out a couple pics form the cd the photographer mailed me. I never dreamed they would call but sure enough a month later they did. I'll never forget that day. I was at this park that I have been going to since i was a little girl laying on the grass reading a book, just thinking how much I wanted to get into modeling. It was so weird that I was just thinking about it and all of a sudden my phone rang with a New York number. When I answered they said "Hi Jessica we really love your look and would love to fly you out to New York for a photoshoot next thursday, are you free?" I called my mom and my grandma and we all started screaming! we were so excited That next week I was on a flight to New York and scared cause I never stepped foot on a plane and hated the thought of flying. But when i got there it was awesome, they treated me like a princess, a limo to pick me up, the best hotel in Manhattan and the driver took me anywhere i wanted to go. I got a whole page in Stuff in the August 2005 issue. When I picked up the magazine i couldn't believe it one of my dreams came true! After that, Stuff Magazine called me back and wanted to enter me into this contest for their Neighborhood Knockout section, I would win $5,000 a second spread in the magazine and EA sports would make me into a video game for Fight Night Round 3. When they called me to tell me I won, my grandma and I were shopping and getting ice cream, we started jumping up and down and screaming again ( we love to scream)! That was my second time in Stuff but this time I got 4 pages in the March 2006 issue. After that Maxim Magazine called me and i did a page for them in june 2006 and Modified Mag called me as well and I was their cover girl in june as well so 2 magazines out in the same month! I was so happy!! I was finally doing what I loved. Now I also made 2 more covers for Performance Auto & Sound for the month of Nov. 2006 and their special edition "The Girls Of Performance Auto & Sound". Also a spokesmodel for Hot Import Nights and currently "Miss HIN San Jose"!

You can also see me at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas at the PALMS Hotel where I work part-time as a Bunny black jack dealer.

Hopefully by the time I'm 30 I'll be married and have started a family. I can't wait to get married and share my life with someone. What's life with no one to share it with?...

Life is good..."


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