Monday, July 25, 2011

Hong Kong Gal Naughty Bikini Pictures At Local Beaches Part 2

Hong Kong Gal Naughty Bikini Pictures At Local Beaches Part 2

Many people know Hong Kong beaches are strictly non-nudist across the board, and you're likely to find the long arm of the law if you peel off your clothes. Despite the potentially serious consequences, this unidentified HK woman seen below is on local beaches stripping out of her already tiny thong bikinis so that her lover can snap some pics. We all complain when we see skanky teens like Miley Cyrus showing a little too much but some of us, like me, don't see a problem with public nudity. What I do see a problem with is when people start gawking at revealing girls if they have a bikini problem at the beach or while they are lounging around topless. Play it cool in these situation guys.

As you may have noticed, we posted some photos earlier of an interesting Asian babe getting down and dirty at a beach in Hong Kong... Which is actually illegal on every beach in Hong Kong. In this set she is seen naked at the beach again and getting flashy on her way home and then getting naughty back at her apartment. Anyway, without further ado here is part two and the final installment before we forget again. You can finally stop asking for part 2. Your "messy keyboard" can thank worldhotcelebrity.blogspot.com for these photos later! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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