Friday, July 29, 2011

Blonde Euro Chick Butt Naked On Beach In Aruba

Blonde Euro Chick Butt Naked On Beach In Aruba

So, back to business here... Aruba seems fun but this hot blonde Euro chick seen below seem to be the kind of girl that would make anything fun. Or something fun a lot more fun with her naughty ways. Here she is posing naked on a beach and keeping things spread so that you will have a nice view. But the best thing about Aruba these days isn't the naked girls spreading eagle offering you the chance to gyno examine them but rather the fact that Joran Van der Sloot is not there raping and killing the bitches there anymore.

You can bet Joran would love to share a night on a beach with this chick but it would be the last night of her life for sure. She isn't a virgin and you can clearly see she isn't intact from the awesome view in picture 4. And the fake boobs are a bit of a turn off... However she is the type that is up for almost anything and thats where her true beauty lies. So she would have a better chance than any to survive a night with Joran on an Aruban beach. 

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