Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sexy Teacher (aka Hot for Teacher, Who Slept With Her?) (2006)

Movie Synopsis
Sexy Teacher is the kind of film for which sexual innuendos and double entendres were tailor-made. While it has more than its fair share of pantsings, body humor jokes, and suggestive posturing, I give the filmmakers credit for actually crafting a rather tame sex comedy. There are no gag-inducing and, frankly, banal and unfunny sex jokes as you would find in Sex is Zero (색즉시공) or the American Pie films, but that does not mean this film is totally harmless. Sexy and fun, yes, but also dangerous in its depiction of women as little more than anthropomorphic trophies.

Kim Sa-Rang plays the teacher in question, Ji-Young, who is actually a student teacher of French at a Catholic all boys high school. Coming in to this environment looking like she does (tight, short skirts, commercial-perfect hair and make-up, and tight, revealing tops and blouses) immediately leads to trouble as students and teachers alike quickly become obsessed with her, including the Dean of Students (Lee Hyeok-Jae). After the school’s concert performance, the Dean follows a woman (whom he believes to be Ji-Young) and one of the students to another part of the school, only to spot a sillhouette of said couple engaged in sex. Barging in, he finds just a single, red, high-heeled shoe. Believing that one of three students defiled Ji-Young and feeling pangs of jealousy, his accusations become public. While all this occurs at the beginning, the majority of the film is told in flashback form as Ji-Young first comes to the school to teach and recruits three students to perform with her at the school concert.

Movie Info
Director : Kim Yoo-seong
Screen : Jeong Tae-won, Kim Hyeon-hee, Kim Yoo-seong
Genre : Comedy
Release : 2006/11/16 (South Korea)

Kim Sa-rang
Park Joon-gyoo
Lee Hyeok-jae
Ha Dong-hoon
Ha Seok-jin
Park Cheol-min

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