Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hongkong Hot Action Movie - The First 7th Night (Tau Chut)

A helpless Taxi driver, A mysterious delivery boy, A 30 years abandoned motel, a touching past, all stitches up to form a strange tale. One day, a strange passenger “Xiao Ma” hires a taxi driver “Map King”, paying him a huge sum of money to take him to an abandoned old motel. This motel was mysteriously burnt 30 years ago, and was abandoned since. Nobody knows about its existence and nobody talks about it. To Xiao Ma’s surprise, the taxi driver Map King actually knows how to get to there. Ah Fang, is the owner of the Chun Lei motel. She started off her peaceful life with her only son until the day where “The 4 Thieves” visits her motel, on the seventh day after her husband’s death. Mysteriously the motel was on fire right after the meeting and everyone had gone missing after the fire incident, and the motel was abandoned for 30 years. What actually happened to the motel? What’s the reason behind the fire? What strange things happened on and after the seventh day of Ah Fang’s Husband’s death?

Detail Movie
Julian Cheung ... Pony
Ka Tung Lam ... Mapking
Michelle Ye ... Fong
Siu-Fai Cheung ... Keung
Hark-On Fung
Tony Ho
Nahatai Lekbumrung

Also Known As: The First 7th Night (Hong Kong: English title)
Runtime: 100 min
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Certification: Hong Kong:III | Singapore:M18 (edited version)
Filming Locations: Hong Kong, China
Company: East Act Entertainment more

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