Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fruit is Ripe 3 (1999) - Hongkong Romance Movie

The Fruit is Ripe 3
Movie Synopsis
The Fruit is Ripe is reportedly the third installment in an unrelated trilogy which began with 1993's Crazy Love starring Loletta Lee, and 1997's The Fruit is Swelling which included Shu Qi in a brief role. The only tie these films seem to share is the abundance of flesh revealed and the same director helmed this and the latter production. Soft core auteur Cash Chin (Naked Poison) revels in the mindless story line and packages more human bark than most category III films. The plot of this film stops propelling forward every five minutes or so to shed some clothing and lather up for the camera. By no means a bad thing. Off the bat we're introduced to the film's nubile heroine Peach; shouting her less than vital stats to the audience, surrounded by naked man ass in a locker room shower (bad sense of direction is her excuse). The charming Peach is a cupid-like angel cast out of the clouds to receive more training in the ways of love. Sounds like a warped version of It's a Wonderful Life, Peach thankfully filling the Clarence role.

Movie Info
Title : Th Fruit Is Ripe (Mat to sing suk si chi mat to sin chi)
Director : Man Kei Chin
Writer : Man Kei Chin
Genre : Romance
Release : 13 May 1999 (Hong Kong)

Siu Wai Cheung as Wei
Zing Fong as Peach
Sammuel Leung
Chi Yeung Wong as Ronald
Shu-Kei Wong as Urchin

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