Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Korean Drama Romantic - Addicted 2002

About Movie : Addicted is both a story about two brothers and their spiritual journey as well as a lovers' tale. Dae-jin's (Lee Byung-heon) falls into a deep coma and his brother Ho-jin (Lee Eol) dies during tragic car races held at different places. After waking up again, Dae-jin takes on the entire habits as well as the looks of his worshipped brother. Things start to get totally out of hand after he falls into an addictive relationship with Ho-jin's wife Eun-soo (Lee Mi-yeon) who firmly denies that Ho-jin's soul was transferred to Dae-jin's body, until an astonishing revelation causes her to abandon her disbelief.
Full Synopsis : Two brothers have differing interests. Dae-jun loves car racing. Ho-jun, on the other hand, loves carpentry, art and gardening. In spite of this, the two are known to be very close. Ho-jun marries his girlfriend, Eun-soo. Dae-jun decides to take part in a car race final, regardless of his brother’s objections. Ho-jun still goes to support his brother in the car race, but is late and forced to hail a taxi. The speeding taxi crashed into a lorry, and Ho-jun was left seriously injured. The same time the taxi crashed, Dae-jun’s car overturns, leaving him injured as well...

Both Dae-jun and Ho-jun fell into comas. A year later, Dae-jun wakes up, but is unable to walk properly due, in part, to his past injuries.
Dae-jun is brought home by Eun-soo, where she attempts to take care of him while he recovers. Eun-soo notices Dae-jun watering the plants in the same way Ho-jun used to. Over time, Eun-soo realises that he is behaving exactly the same as her husband, down to his mannerisms, tastes and thoughts

Country: Korea
Genre: Foreign, Drama, Romance
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English, Korean
Starring: Lee Byung-Hun, Lee Mi-Yeon, Lee Earl

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