Saturday, December 5, 2009

Korean Comedy Romantic Film - Two Guys (Tu gaijeu) 2004

Movie Synopsis: Hoon (Cha Tae Hyun) works as a driver for people who for special reasons cannot drive themselves. As he has never made any efforts to repay his huge debts, debt collection agent Joon Tae (Park Joong Hoon) comes to him one day and threatens to take out Hoon's internal organs for sale if he does not settle the debt within 14 hours. Closely followed by Joon Tae, Hoon has no choice but to work as Joon Tae's partner. After driving for a drunk expatriate customer, they accidentally find the most advanced semiconductor made in South Korea. Trying to make big money with it, they suddenly discover that they are wanted by industrial spy agents and the national information bureau...

Genre : Comedy Romantic

Movie Cast
  • Joong-Hoon Park ... Jung-tae
  • Tae-hyun Cha ... Hoon
  • Eun-jeong Han ... Ji-seon
  • Heung-chae Jeong
  • Dae-han Ji
  • Jun-yong Choi
  • Hyeon-ju Son
  • Seung-hwan Shin
  • Hyeok-jae Lee
  • Yun-bae Park
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