Sunday, December 27, 2009

Japanese Adventure Movie - YAMAKASI 2

Movie Synopsis
The Yamakasi are seven suburban youth who have created their own discipline: the art of displacement (ADD).
They braved all dangers, but make sure to keep mentally strong. They climb buildings, performing breathtaking jumps .Each member has a specialty: Baseball is an elite pitcher, helped the spider's rope moves as the hero of comic books, the Weasel is a true eel, Zicmu draws his energy into music, Rocket is as fast a rocket .Young people admire and try to imitate them. One day, an accident occurs. The Yamakasi must act and use their expertise to save lives. They are defying the law. Vincent, who is part of their "family" but that is both detective tries to warn them. They will then break into surgeons to pay the doctor

# Baseball : Châu Belle
# L'Araignée : Williams Belle
# La Belette : Malik Diouf
# Zicmu : Yann Hnautra
# Rocket : Guylain N'Guba Boyeke
# Tango : Laurent Piemontesi
# Le Receleur : Jo Prestia
# Sitting Bull : Charles Perrière

Detail Movie
Date Released : 23 June 2004
Quality : Good
Info : imdb.com/title/tt0345235
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Williams Belle
Genre : Action | Adventure

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