Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taffana Dewi with Sexy Lingerie Bikini

Taffana Dewi
Yogyakarta, 31 July 1974

Taffana Dewi is akting film stars and the birth of sinetron Indonesia Yogyakarta, 31 July 1974. Ana, so called ordinary, in the 1990s, often supporting the film 'hot', such as Mysteries Games, Night passion, lust and the obsessed Get There Click Click Here. However his name at that time still numpang through.

Sinetron success of a number of occasions in which Si dibintanginya blind from Goa Hantu, Blue Blood, Singgasan Brahma Kumbara, Crown Mayangkara, Glass Bengal, Blood, and Love, Love No End, and others. While the film to the big screen, mystery game, I left out, passionate Night Second, Daily Notes Tante Sonya, and others.

In aktingnya trip, the stage and bounced through the famous Three sinetron Bidadari never find it 'natural'. When her guests become stars for the comedy laughing Special Ala Trans TV, kemben that dikenakannya melorot to payudaranya gush out. Perhaps this is also making his name known the community.

Up to now this eclipse sinetron stars often appear sinetron and film star. Including film suksenya She METROPOLIS.

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