Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luna Maya Actress and Presenter Television

Luna Maya
Denpasar, 26 August 1983

Luna Maya initiated his career as a catwalk model stars, and then develop themselves in the role of art, whether film or sinetron. Achievements menonjolnya as a model is as terpilihnya Luna Star Lux 2006.

Titled debut film, 30 DAYS MENCARI CINTA (2004), where in the film, Luna antagonis role as Barbara, a girl and a beautiful idol section. Although a small role in the film, Luna is considered a success.

Luna returned a year later involved in the film Brownies (2005). As in the previous film, landing in the film director Hanung Bramantyo this, Luna still get a small role. Luna get a new key role, when the film star Bangsal 13 (2005) portray the character Mina.

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