Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maha Dewi New Singing Girls

January 01, 2009

Mahadewi vocal duo is a group formation as well as Ahmad Dhani shelter under the Management of the Republic of Love. Vocal duo is the latest formation after they use the name Dewi Dewi in the year 2008.

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After the left by personilnya, Agustine Kamarie Carolina (Ina), the automatic stay Dewi Dewi only two personnel. Finally Dewi Dewi has officially dissolved by Ahmad Dhani on 23 December 2008. Mahadewi at this time consisted of two personnel, Shinta Dewi (Tata) and Purie Andriani (Purie). With this new name, Mahadewi trying to build a new image with different Dewi Dewi.

Currently Purie and Administration are preparing an album with a new name they use. Meanwhile, their first single was released in both the radio and television entitled, I Love U Oath.

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