Friday, December 27, 2013

Monica Leigh Playboy Playmate March 2006

"I was born in Long Island, New York. As a teenager, I was always hamming it up for the camera, jumping around in the background and making sure I was in every picture. And I've always loved being naked. I used to run around the house nude, being the exhibitionist. But I got a little shy about trying out for Playboy.

Before I started with Playboy, I did a few modeling gigs here and there but I was also working as a bartender and a dental assistant. I am obsessed with teeth. I look at everybody's smile. I can't say I would never date a guy with bad teeth, but I'd have him get them fixed!

In 2005, I decided to try out for Playboy. I started out in Playboy Special Editions in May of 2005. I then landed the cover of the College Girls edition. From there, I went on to become the Cyber Girl of the week then Cyber Girl of the month in December 2005. Next, I became Cyber Girl of the year for 2006 and the March 2006 Playmate. I also landed the cover of Playboy in August 2006! So everything moved pretty quickly!

Since then, I have been doing featured extra work on CSI Miami, Entourage and Spiderman 3. I just finished filming a movie in New Orleans called American Summer. I�m now taking acting classes and I am going to get into acting full time. I live in L.A. now and I am loving it!"


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