Friday, December 27, 2013

Sex, Party and Lies (Mentiras y gordas 2009)

Movie Synopsis
This film almost skipped my radar, as the title really does not call my attention. But I saw a clip from the film and decided to give it a try. If you have been watching Spain’s TV series Los Hombres de Paco (not only the Pepa and Silvia clips) then you will be familiar with two of the actors in this movie, Mario Casas (plays Aitor in LHDP) and Hugo Silva (plays Lucas in LHDP), which only means that that at least you will be familiar with two of the mostly unknown (to me) young actors in this film...More Synopsis

Movie Info
Title : Sex, Party and Lies (Mentiras y gordas)
Director : Alfonso Albacete & David Menkes
Writer : Alfonso Albacete & Ángeles González Sinde
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Release : 27 March 2009 (Spain)

Crew And Cast
Alfonso Albacete :Director
David Menkes :Director
Alejo Sauras :Bubu
Hugo Silva :Carlos
Ana de Armas :Carola
Mario Casas :Tony
Ana Maria Polvorosa :Marina
Miriam Giovanelli :Cast
Aida Folch :Cast
Asier Etxeandia :Cast
Marieta Orozco :Sonia
Alfonso Albacete :Screenplay
David Menkes :Screenplay
Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde :Screenplay
Francisco Ramos :Executive Producer
Gerardo Herrero :Producer

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