Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lacey Banghard Nude Images

This year, ditch the smoothies and yoga, and enjoy beer, burgers and the lovely Lacey Banghard

Still got those post-Chrimbo blues have we? Tired? Bloated? Full of all those mean and nasty ‘toxins’ everyone on the telly keeps crowing about? Maybe it’s time for a little detox. Yes? NO! Why should a new year mean giving up everything on Earth that makes us happy – the booze, fags, fatty foods, coffee, sugar – only to replace these delicious little vices with celery sticks and smoothies?  
Instead of being part of the Boring Brigade this January – all colonic irrigation and gym memberships – why not get on board the loaded Fuck The Detox diet: eat well, drink very well, feel fantastic. If all else fails, you can always just drop a few pounds in June or something. Or not…

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