Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Korean Drama Hot Movie - Why Did You Come to My House (Woo-ri-jib-e wae-wass-n)

Synopsis : The wacky premise involves Hye-jeong Kang playing an obsessed stalker. She has been stalking the same person (played by Seung-ri) for the past ten years. She decides to break into is neighbor’s house to get a better view of his activities. When she enters his neighbor’s house, she finds a man (played by Hie-sun Park) attempting to kill himself. The man has been distraught since the death of his wife in a car accident. Hye-jeong Kang then ties up Hie-sun Park as they get to know one another better.

Although there was a 20 Episode SBS television drama in 2008 by the same name, none of the characters, stars and plotline resemble this movie. I am uncertain whether the movie is an extention of the television , I will assume it is entirely independent of it and just a matter of coincidence that the two films share the same name.

This movie is one of the best korean romantic movie, you'll never regret to download and spend your time to watch it..please read the movie information than download to get it.

Movie Information

  • Director: Soo-ah Hwang
  • Release Date: 9 April 2009 (South Korea)
  • Run Time: South Korea:107 min
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Comedy , Romance
  • Hye-jeong Kang … Lee Soo-kang
  • Hie-sun Park … Kim Byeong-hee
  • Ri Seung … Park Ji-min
  • Byeong-gyun Ahn
  • Eun-ji Jo
  • Kot-bi Kim
  • Mo-ah Kim
  • Tae-yeong Lee
  • Jae-won Moon
  • Jung-Hee Moon
  • Kwang-rok Oh
  • Hye-yeon Ryu
  • Young-hwa Seo
Downloads :
  • http://www.indowebster.com/WhyDidYouComeToMyHouseDVDRipXviDBiFOS_CD_1.html
  • http://www.indowebster.com/WhyDidYouComeToMyHouseDVDRipXviDBiFOS_CD_2.html

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