Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hollywood Softcore Movie - The naughty novelist

Movie Synopsis : Naughty Novelist stars Darian Caine as a writer who answers an ad to do some magazine work. She learns from her interviewer (Played by AJ Khan) that the magazine does erotica. She convinces Darian to take the position since she would use a "pen name". Darian retreats home and starts writing erotic articles geared towards Women. Each Fantasy is played out for the viewer and evens gets the writer Darian and publisher AJ a little hot and bothered This film is typical of previous releases from John Bacchus and Seduction Cinema. They release low budget erotica typically with Lesbian themes. Seduction Cinema "contract girls" Darian Caine and AJ Khan both look great as do regular Jackie Stevens and some newcomers lead bu Claire Davenport. This film is not as entertaining as previous Seduction Cinema releases. The Plot is a little thin (Their best films are their comedy parodies) but the ladies are sexy and the nude scenes are a bit harder than earlier releases by the company.

Darian Caine ... Darian
Jackie Stevens ... Jackie
A.J. Khan ... A.J.
Produced by
Michael Raso ... executive producer
Original Music by
The Taint
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rar password : 8giaitri.com

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