Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seroks (Life Is A Photocopy) - Philippines movie

To fill the vacuum, I give you one of the hot Philippines film , you may be interested and like it.

Story : For Lito, (Neil Ryan Sese) his existence has always been dull and repetitive. Breaking his neck everyday as a photocopy machine operator in a dingy Recto copyshop, Lito is slowly losing his apetite for life. But everything dramatically changes when the mysterious and alluring Mina (Juliana Palermo) suddenly moves into the boarding house just above Lito's shop. With just one fateful encounter with Mina, Lito's life rapidly spirals from total bliss, suspicion, betrayal, desperation and towards- murder. Seroks is a must see, one of a kind suspense movie that redefines the notions of Pinoy classic thriller. While trying to cozy up to the sexy and mysterious Mina (Juliana Palermo), who recently moved into the boardinghouse above his shop, unlucky Xerox operator Lito (Neil Ryan Sese) is unwittingly placing his life in grave danger. A tense psychological thriller full of passion and betrayal, this Filipino film deftly explores the theme of duplication, utilizing recurring patterns and elements throughout.

Starring: Juliana Palermo, Maria Isabel Lopez
Director: Ed Lajano
Genre: Foreign
Format: Full Screen ...
Language: Tagalog
Subtitles: English
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