Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Club Butterfly - Korean Semi Movie

when you feel that your wife only your own! it's mean you're wrong, because you are not watch this movie yet, to know the answer why you're wife not only yours?? please download this movie and watch.
When a man is just too sex-hungry for his disinterested wife, the couple discusses the issue with another couple and the men eventually settle upon an unconventional solution: Wife Swappin'!
Overview: Hyuk wants to have sex, but his exhausted wife Kyung just wants to sleep, so she brusquely rejects her husband's desire. The next morning, they talk about their sex troubles on the way to work. They decide to plan a special weekend trip. Upon returning from their weekend trip, they still have troubles; and they continue to worry and think about their sex life. Hyuk is talking with his friend and superior, Woo, who always seems perfect. He tells him of his failed weekend trip with his wife. Woo has a solution for him: it involves exchanging wives; however, the rules of the game must be followed. Then one day, Hyuk receives an email: "Let's join the swapping club..."


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