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Sweet Lies (2008) - Korean Romantic Movie

Movie Synopsis
TV writer Ji-ho has been secretly in love with the same man for 10 years. After a night of binge-drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life. She wakes up to find out she got fired for low viewer ratings. Her bag gets snatched on the way home and while pursuing the snatcher, she gets hit by a car. But the chain of unfortunate events turned out to be God-sent present. The man who hit her with the car turns out to be the very man she’s been in love with all these years.
After bumping her head on the car, she pretends that she doesn’t remember anything and Min-woo is left with no choice but to bring her back home with him. Ji-ho’s childhood friend Dong-sik is worried as Ji-ho doesn’t come home for two days. He goes out on search and miraculously finds her and brings back her home. After learning that Ji-ho is suffering from amnesia after the accident, Dong-sik is determined to help her get her memories back
Sweet Lies is a romantic comedy about one woman who gets entangled with two men at the same time. After being sacked for poor perfomance, Jee Ho (Park Jin Hee), a TV writer gets snatched of her purse on her way home. While chasing the thief she got knocked down by a car. Coincidentally she has developed a love crush with the driver, Min Woo (Lee Ki Woo) for the past 10 years.

After the accident Jee Ho acts like someone who lost her memory. Min Woo sympathizes with her condition and sends her home. The plot thickens when Dong Sik (Jo Han Seon), her childhood friend is worried as she had gone missing for two days. He goes on to search for Jee Ho and brings her home. Now both men are determined to cure Jee Ho’s memory. Will Jee Ho able to make Min Woo his real life partner knowing that Dong Sik is also pursuing her?

Movie Info
Title : Lost and Found, "Sweet Lie" (Translation)
Directeor: Jeong Jeong-hwa
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Release: 2008
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Movie Cast
Park Jin-Hee
Jo Han-Seon
Lee Ki-Woo

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