Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sex Pot Unrated (2009) Hollywood Hot Comedy Movie

Movie Synopsis
From the studio synonymous with good taste, the Asylum, comes this raunchy comedy about two wannabe Don Juans who have no luck with the ladies. That is, until the pair happens upon a stash of pot that the honeys find an irresistible turn-on. If breast-baring babes and killer weed are among your interests, then this sex- and smoke-filled romp is the film for you.

“Half Baked” meets “Superbad” in this hilarious comedy following two young losers whose lives are unexpectedly turned upside down when they find some marijuana that has aphrodisiacal side effects. After deciding to use the wacky weed to their advantage, the guys meet an array of pot-loving beauties.

Movie Info
Director : Eric Forsberg
Writer : Eric Forsberg
Genre : Adventure | Comedy
Release : 18 August 2009 (USA)

Movie star
Rollin Perry as Spanky
Seth Cassell as Mert
Michelle Penick as Princess
Lindsey Ahern as Pinky
Rana Davis as Strawberry
Christine Nguyen as Cindy
Teryl Brouillette as Ellen
Lola Forsberg as Leah
Elina Madison as Nancy

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