Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Download Hollywood Adult Film "Eternelle Emmanuelle"

Note :
Before you download this movie, you have to know that this movie is an adult movie which is containing nudity and sex scenes, so dont watch this movie with the children..
Synopsis : After the tragic death of her daughter, Emmanuelle retreats to a Tibetan monastery to grieve and to rediscover herself. She is given the secret of immortality by the monks, in the form of a magic perfume which enables her to enter the minds and bodies of other women.The magic potion can also rejuvenate her physical body from the ultra-sensual and eternal Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) to the young and nubile form of the new Emmanuelle (Marcella Walerstein).Emmanuelle leaves the monastery on a new quest to seek her ideal love and to attain the ultimate in sexual pleasure. But - along the way - she uses her special power to help other women to achieve their own fulfilment. In her first adventure Emmanuelle meets 'Falcon', a young rock star with whom she goes on to demonstrate that love and lust can go hand in hand. For download hot insurance movie please open the spoiler below..

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