Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Combien tu m'aimes? - France movie

This is one of france (prancis) unrated movie ( semi movie france), so many sex scene in it, starring by Monica belucci as Daniela and Bernard Campan as François, both of them are the main actor and actress in this film.
I've watched the Depardieu-Blier films all the way back to VALSEUSES and enjoyed them so I came at this one believing all the knocking comment must be wrong.
Well it's certainly not a dead loss. Campan registers in a tricky role acquiring Pigalle poule de luxe Bellucci and taking her back to his office worker flat, despite his shaky health and down at heel associates and this part plays quite well.
Surprisingly, it's when an aged Depardieu doing "vieux jeu con" shows up that things become strained. Well with a record like this, these guys are entitled to one screw up.
The film is by no means a write-off with the changes of light, background and costume within scenes getting attention until you realize that, if they have any meaning, Blier is not going to share it with us. The opera score has oddity value and the small parts are striking. Farida Rahouadj's turn as the Northern neighbour is particularly attention getting. I really sure that you'll not be regret to download this movie, it is one of best hot movie france (prancis) was ever. Enjoy to watch it.

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